La Rossola
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The Hotel

Spend yours days relaxing in the beautiful beaches of Levanto and Bonassola and find yourself, with only 10 minutes by car, in a quiet atmosphere where you can savor the aromas and the freshness of the ligurian hills: this is 'The Hotel Rossola.

A structure of recent construction, surrounded by greenery and built maintaining the harmony between man and nature. Stands in a pleasant valley characterized by Mediterranean background with a large olive grove.

Note that to arrive at the hotel there’s about 1 Km of unpaved road (because the hotel is located in a “park area” so it’s not allowed to pave the street).

La Rossola Resort - Località Rossola 11, Bonassola
Tel. (0039)350 0917124
P.I. 01254650110 - C.F. LRZRNT49M01E560E
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